Online Nurse Practitioner Programs in New Hampshire

Last Updated/Verified: Jun 18, 2024

Why Pursue an Online Nurse Practitioner Program in New Hampshire?

In the state of New Hampshire, nurse practitioners (NPs) help treat patients and their families by delivering specialized healthcare. NPs within New Hampshire are not restricted to providing treatment plans, prescribing necessary medication, and practicing healthcare without physician supervision.

The country is currently experiencing the alarming trend of physician numbers decreasing, especially in remote areas. This shortage across America allows nurse practitioners to gain popularity and demand.

New Hampshire is known for White Mountain National Forest, autumn splendor, 1,300 lakes, and maple syrup. There are many remote nooks and crannies for nurse practitioners to provide compassionate care for aging and ailing patients.

There are many personal and professional reasons why registered nurses may choose to advance their training and education with a Master of Science in Nursing—including the many opportunities for NPs, mainly if they focus on specialized fields like psychiatric care and family care. Online programs make it easier for students to complete their studies while continuing to work and tend to their personal lives. Online coursework can often be completed whenever and wherever the student wishes.

Nurse practitioners enjoy increased freedom and autonomy, specialized and advanced training in their field of interest, flexibility in their career, and a higher salary.

List of Online Nurse Practitioner Schools in New Hampshire

Nurse practitioners have the authority to work independently in New Hampshire. They can work in many clinical settings, including doctors' offices, rural clinics, college campuses, and hospitals.

NPs can enjoy many opportunities to advance in their nursing fields and continue their training.

New Hampshire offers a few online nurse practitioner programs for registered nurses seeking online master's of science in nursing in specific fields. Both part-time and full-time study options are often available, allowing the student to move at the pace that feels right for them. Those looking for specialty NP programs unavailable in New Hampshire can always seek out online programs based out of other states.

Once students have completed their accredited online program, nurse practitioners can expect to earn the same wages that nurses in traditional, on-campus settings enjoy.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A popular nurse practitioner specialty, the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) cares for patients of all ages, often acting in a primary care role. Prospective FNPs can enroll in the following online program in New Hampshire.

MSN-FNP Programs

Rivier University

Family Nurse Practitioner (Online)

Nashua, NH

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) are tasked with caring for patients with a range of mental health illnesses and disorders. As the demand for mental health practitioners continues to grow, prospective PMHNPs in New Hampshire can earn their specialized degree by enrolling in the following online program.

MSN-PMHNP Programs

Rivier University

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Online)

Nashua, NH

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