Online Nurse Practitioner Programs in Minnesota

Last Updated/Verified: Jan 2, 2022

Why Pursue an Online Nurse Practitioner Program in Minnesota?

There are almost 240,000 licensed nurse practitioners (NPs) active in the United States who play an essential function in both rural and nonrural primary care practices. With physician shortages becoming increasingly more significant, especially in remote areas, the role of NPs will continue to expand – and Minnesota is no exception. Nurse practitioners can provide the same level of patient care that physicians provide, often at a lower cost. NPs can address the growing demand for patient care, especially among an aging population. 

In many cases, especially in primary care, nurse practitioners and physicians can often overlap roles. In states where NPs do not require physician supervision, nurse practitioners can prescribe medicine, aid the sick, establish treatment plans, order and interpret lab and diagnostic tests, and specialize in medical fields like family health.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have gone on to continue studying for two to four more years, often pursuing a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) or doctoral degree (DNP). NPs who specialize in advanced skillsets can expect to earn a higher salary.

NPs will always see a demand for their compassionate insight and advanced training. They can also address the growing demand for advanced practice health care providers. 

List of Online Nurse Practitioner Schools in Minnesota

Minnesota is called the “Bread and Butter State” because of its many flour mills and butter-making plants. It’s also known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” having over 15,000 lakes. While Minnesota currently only offers a few Familly Nurse Practitioner programs online, distance learning also gives students the opportunity to select an online NP program in another state. NPs who choose to aid patients in Minnesota can enjoy one of the top annual mean wages within the United States at $122,850. 

Online nurse practitioner programs allow NPs to gain the standard two to four years in continued education (depending on the degree level chosen) as required by the role. Coursework can be taken entirely online, or is sometimes delivered in a hybrid format, combining online courses with some campus-based learning. Part-time and full-time options are also possibilities.

There is no difference in salary between an online program and a traditional program. NPs earn a higher wage than a registered nurse as a reflection of their advanced training and work.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A popular nurse practitioner specialty, the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) cares for patients of all ages, often acting in a primary care role. Prospective FNPs can enroll in any of the 2 online programs in Minnesota below:

MSN-FNP Programs

Herzing University Minneapolis

Nursing Leadership & Administration

Minneapolis, MN

DNP-FNP Programs

Augsburg College

/ Hybrid - Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP-FNP)

Minneapolis, MN

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