Online Nurse Practitioner Programs in Maine

Last Updated/Verified: Dec 7, 2023

Why Pursue an Online Nurse Practitioner Program in Maine?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with continuing education, often with a focus in a specific field of training, such as family practice, pediatrics, psychiatric-mental health, and others. They are usually independently licensed clinicians who treat health conditions, help and support sick patients and offer medical care when no physicians are available.

Physician shortages in America are a growing trend, even as the need for them continues to rise. To offset this disparity, many private clinics, walk-in retail clinics, hospices, hospitals, and urgent care centers are requesting the aid of nurse practitioners. NPs can provide immediate care without long waiting times, without the supervision of a physician. NPs are licensed and trained to diagnose and heal illnesses and trauma.

Nurse practitioners are a benefit for people in Maine that may live in rural and remote locations. They offer compassionate patient care and improve the health of their patients. They can prescribe medication, order and interpret lab tests, and design health treatment plans.

Nurse practitioners must hold a Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a doctoral degree (DNP). There are also opportunities for current NPs to change specialties through post-graduate certificate programs.

Maine registered nurses are increasingly opting for online nurse practitioner programs due to their flexible nature. Completing coursework when and where it’s convenient means that students can continue working, taking care of their families, and handling other matters, all while advancing their nursing education.

List of Online Nurse Practitioner Schools in Maine

Maine has thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, and often attracts health care providers who are interested in rugged and remote beauty.

Registered nurses often administer general care, while nurse practitioners typically have advanced knowledge and training in a specialized area of nursing care. NPs have at least two more years of education than registered nurses (depending on the degree level they choose). Students can complete coursework in an entirely online format, or sometimes even in a hybrid online/campus blended format. Hands-on clinical requirements, however, will take place at a local hospital or medical center.

As soon as the online nurse practitioner program is completed, nurse practitioners can set to work as quickly as they wish to. Their salary and wages are the same as NPs who received their education in a traditional setting.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A popular nurse practitioner specialty, the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) cares for patients of all ages, often acting in a primary care role. Prospective FNPs can enroll in any of the 3 online programs in Maine below:

MSN-FNP Programs

Husson University

Family & Community Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Bangor, ME

University of Maine

Hybrid - Family Nurse Practitioner

Orono, ME

Graduate Certificate-FNP Programs

Husson University

Family & Community Nurse Practitioner (FCNP PMC)

Bangor, ME

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